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  • Scleral lens Stand system to assist in Application/Removal.  No light
  • 1 DMV Scleral cup plunger;
  • 1 DMV Ultra Contact Lens Remover;
  • See-Green®TM Vented Storage Vial Lab grade polypropylene medical container (autoclavable) suitable for sanitary storing of application and remover plungers in-between use. Side vented to permit drying inside;
  • Zipper bag 7” x 5” x 1.5” clear soft 5.5 ga. PVC vinyl;
  • Instructions

See-Green®™ Plunger Stand System

SKU: 103
  • ●  This product is for those who don’t find the light necessary, but need to use two hands to keep lids spread wide.

    ● Gives a stable platform for preparing the lens.

    ● Some patients who can spread the lids with one hand use this product to get close to the plunger before lifting it up, thereby reducing the distance to travel and reducing the risk of bubbles from fluid spilling out along the way.

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