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Dalsey Adaptives has served the optometry profession and scleral lens patients for over 15 years with personalized customer service. Developed with patients, doctors, clinics and professional societies, our innovative patented See-Green System, Light and Stand® has changed the lives of thousands of users who struggled with lens insertion. Our products enable doctors to reduce training time and offer scleral lens options to a broader spectrum of patients.

Our products have helped thousands of people overcome the natural aversion and difficulties of inserting large scleral lenses. Our products provide the ultimate solution for those people experiencing difficulty applying their scleral lenses. There is no question our products work. We supply optometry colleges, professional eye care practices, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. We have been recognized by leading scleral lens experts for helping countless patients and demonstrating advanced technology in the improvement of scleral lens application. We have a long-standing relationship supplying the Boston Foundation for Sight and their PROSE clinic partners.


Many end users tell us they can't get their lenses in without the See-Green® Lens Inserter and Stand. Our customers report many dramatic success stories. For some, the products have alleviated the need for a health care worker or family member to help them every day. We are frequently told that our products are ‘a game changer’ or ‘a lifesaver’. A recent customer wrote: ‘This device is instrumental to my wellness and is helping me have a normal day’. A doctor in Miami said: ‘We pulled off a miracle with your product’ as it enabled his 90-year-old patient with vision in only one eye to insert his own lens.

See Green Lens Inserter

The See-Green® Lens Inserter is made in the USA and the LED light comes with a two-year free replacement policy. We provide personal and prompt customer service. We offer to adapt our products on an individual basis for people with special needs, such as extra bright lights for extreme low vision users. Our mission is to continue to support the people who rely on us, and to keep producing, improving, and delivering helpful products that are easy to use, economical, and long-lasting.

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