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  • Scleral lens light guided Application/Removal System with LIGHT and STAND with wire slot, our most popular product.
  • 30 day purchase price refund policy if not 100% satisfied with product
  • LED light, battery supply case with 2 replaceable AAA batteries
  • 1 See-Green®TM Plunger with hole for LED;
  • 1 DMV Ultra Contact Lens Remover;
  • See-Green®TM Vented Storage Vial
  • Lab grade polypropylene medical container (autoclavable) suitable for sanitary storing of application and remover plungers in-between use. Side vented to permit drying inside;
  • 1 Zipper bag 7” x 5” x 1.5” clear soft 5.5 ga. PVC vinyl;
  • Instructions
  • 2 year free replacement policy (Light)

See-Green® Scleral System - light and stand

SKU: 101
    • Our most popular product, it addresses every issue impeding successful lens insertion.
    • Allows for using two hands to keep lids spread wide.
    • Gives a stable platform for preparing the lens.
    • Focus on green light prevents flinching of the eye and guarantees proper centering of the lens to prevent misaligned insertions.
    • Prevents bubbles due to spilling solution while handling lens up to the eye.
    • Helpful training tool for doctors and technicians.  Reduces anxiety for first time insertions.
    • Helpful to any patient, but essential for those with poor dexterity or unsteady hands
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