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  • The original patented light guied scleral lens inserter, (NO STAND)
  • 30 day purchase price refund policy if not 100% satisfied with product
  • LED light, battery supply case with 2 replaceable AAA batteries
  • 1 See-Green® Plunger with hole for LED;
  • 1 DMV Ultra Contact Lens Remover;
  • See-Green®TM Vented Storage Vial made from a lab grade polypropylene medical container (autoclavable) suitable for sanitary storing of application and remover plungers in-between use. Side vented to permit drying inside;
  • Zipper bag, clear soft 5.5 ga. PVC vinyl;
  • Instructions
  • 2 year free replacement policy (Light)

See-Green® Scleral Lens Inserter

SKU: 102
  • ●  Our second most used product.

    ●  Used by those with steady hands and who can accomplish the lid spread with one hand.

    ● Focus on light prevents flinching of the eye and guarantees proper centering of the lens to prevent misaligned insertions.

    ● Helpful training tool for doctors and technicians.  Reduces anxiety for first time insertions. Green light gives a positive psychological message. Green light means it’s safe to go.

    ● Helpful to any patient.

    ● We are told by many customers that they can insert the lens with their fingers or a standard plunger, but that they use this because they can insert their lens with more confidence and get out the door faster in the morning.  Others say it prevents the occasional misaligned insertion which can be painful.

    ● Some clinics and practices dispense more of these than the See-Green System with stand.

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