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The ultimate solution for people experiencing difficulty applying a scleral lens

U.S. FDA Registered Medical Device

Patented green light alignment system™. Trusted and recommended by eye doctors for over a decade.

                 Two Year Warranty

"For a decade, I've been recommending the See Green Light to assist patients struggling with scleral lens or RGP insertion. This innovative tool swiftly guides them to their target, making insertion easier and more efficient. Highly recommended!"

Nate Schramm, OD, FSLS
Founder of Scleral Lens Practitioners on Facebook
Co-Founder of the International Congress of Scleral Contacts

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"See Green Light is the answer to trouble-free insertion."

"I had almost given up on being able to use scleral lenses, then my doctor told me about See-Green. I got it in first try!"

"See Green has been a blessing, greatly simplifying the daily lens insertion routine."

"I show your product to every patient and I have had wonderful results.  It helps patients across a broad range of needs."


See-Green® is the ultimate solution for those having trouble applying their scleral lenses. Since the lenses need to be fitted to vault over the cornea to maintain a constant reservoir of fluid between the lens and cornea, this often makes it hard for insertion. Our innovative patented See-Green System, Light and Stand® has changed the lives of thousands of users who struggled with lens insertion. Here's how:

The green LED light serves as a focal point to center the lens and help reduce stress and prevent flinching and involuntarily darting away of the eye.

The stand allows the lens to be filled with saline in preparation for insertion without worry about spilling solution or having difficulty from unsteady hands.

The unique design eliminates the difficulty of spreading eyelids wide enough before lowering the eye to the lens by freeing up both hands.





The color and brightness of the green light promote visualization and proper alignment. The green LED light is further out than the lens and helps reduce stress, prevent flinching, and involuntarily darting away of the eye.

The plunger, stand and electronic components are made to extend the life of the product against the corrosive saline solution. Silicone versions are available.

The stand allows the lens to be filled with saline prepped for steady insertion. 

See-Green uses very little power. You should get over 1,000 hours of use from the LED before needing to change the batteries.


Our products provide the ultimate solution for people having trouble applying their scleral lenses.


The See-Green® Lens Inserter is warrantied for two years. All purchases made through our online store are automatically registered in our warranty database. You may also register at


See-Green® is recognized by leading scleral lens experts as advanced technology in the improvement of scleral lens application.


Many customers report that they can’t get their lenses in without the See-Green® Lens Inserter and Stand. Read more dramatic success stories from our customers. 


Our products are trusted and endorsed by scleral lens experts for effectiveness in helping patients and professionals worldwide. 


Please contact us with any questions or requests for custom adaptations of our products for your special needs.

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